Common Mistakes

Across the board vehicle cuts.

Cutting vehicle numbers across the fleet e.g. 20% demoralizes efficient managers and promotes a culture of holding vehicles in reserve, "just in case".


Extrapolating pilot findings across the whole fleet.


Vehicle surplusses at diffirent sites can vary from 0% to 50%.


Fixation on fuel as the leading savings opportunity.


70%-80% of fleet costs are fixed so eliminating surplus vehicles can offer > 20 times larger savings.


Bundling all fleet audit activities into one RFP


Prepare a separate RFP to request specialized right-sizeing skill sets and accurate GPS to optimize your fleet.

Fleet Management company performs sizing audits.


Fleet size optimization included as a ‘free’ service by a vehicle supplier is not a recommended best practice.


Procurement afterthoughts.


Organization forgets to optimize fleet size before:

  • Outsourcing fleet management

  • Filling new vehicle requisitions

  • Renewing lease contracts.