Purpose-built GPS Data Logger


BFO has designed a re-useable rapid deploy GPS data logger. You do not need to purchase expensive GPS tracking equipment/telematics when you use the BFO 5-week GPS vehicle utilization audit to gather accurate utilization data.

Easy Install
  • BFO GPS data logger can be installed within just a few minutes

  • No auto electrical skills are required

  • A tamper-resistant lock helps ensure high quality data is collected with no gaps

  • It’s easy! The installer simply needs to be accurate with recording the 6-digit logger serial number and odometer start/end mileages and know how to operate a 3.6-volt electric screw driver.








Why Self-Install Pays

The self-install GPS data loggers make it easy for client staff to connect the equipment.


Installation using client staff is recommended for several reasons.


  • Lower travel and accommodation costs reduce the overall project cost.

  • Local staff know the vehicle locations, drivers and importantly where to find the vehicle keys.

  • Security access has already been granted to staff.

  • Visual vehicle checks can be done if fleet staff do the installations.

GPS Equipment – Don't buy it – use our's for 5 weeks


Vehicle utilization patterns repeat themselves on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so the knowledge gain for collecting a second month of utilization data is almost zero.


Our solution is ideal to identify operational problems to fix.  A 5-week GPS-based ‘snapshot’ provides quality utilization data without incurring GPS equipment purchase costs and the associated ongoing monthly service fees.


GPS units do become obsolete. Upcoming vehicle voltage [e.g. 42V PowerNet] and 2G/3G cell network changes may mean a purchased GPS unit may not be compatible with new vehicles purchased in future procurement cycles or your selected telco.


BFO Advancements


So why are BFO fleet utilization studies in such demand?


  • All consulting fees and GPS use are included in price.

  • A 20:1 ROI is typically achieved on the first study. Spend $50K and typically get $1M back.

  • Never before has it been so affordable to gather such accurate detailed utilization data across a whole fleet at one time.

  • Use the data to quantify business cases for change with absolute certainty.  Make complex management-science based fleet decisions in seconds.

  • No need to buy the GPS unit to get the data you need.


BFO QueryBuilder analysis software is a generation ahead of the industry with an easy-to-use interface that only requires web browser skills to operate.


Visual graphs and geospatial map reports make it easy to sell organizational change. In our case, a picture is not worth a thousand words … it is worth a million data points!


Our GPS data loggers can gather data in areas without cell phone coverage and even inside tall concrete structures where most GPS products fail. BFO GPS data logger satellite acquisition rates are among the best in the world.