Case Studies

1 March 2016

Where you cut fleet expenditure makes a real difference.  Depreciation makes up 50% of all light fleet vehicle costs so targeting it first makes sense.  Buy low, sell high is the obvious starting point from a purchase/sales perspective but surplus vehicles has a large impact too?

9 September 2015

Vehicle booking systems are often assumed to be a reliable data source on which to determine optimal fleet size.  Until now, no one has actually run the numbers to verify that this is true.

August 26, 2011

True best practice implementation ─ including electronically collected and analyzed GPS data, a change-management focus and comprehensive communications ─ is improving fleet utilization while reducing vehicle count for New Zealand’s Nelson Marlborough District Health Board (NMDHB). The result: more than $1 million in fleet cost savings to date and $146,000 in projected ongoing annual savings.

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News and Articles

Automotive Digest, September, 2014

Bishop Fleet Optimization congratulates Kevin McEwan, Transport Manager for the Melbourne Health Service, who was named 2014 Australasian Fleet Manager of the Year.  To maintain a balance on this operational tightrope, Kevin worked with Bishop Fleet Optimization (BFO) to measure actual vehicle usage and implement strategies to improve utilization, reduce vehicle numbers while still meeting 100% of vehicle demand.

Government Waste - CEOs must make eliminating surplus vehicles a priority

11 April 2016

“Australian government departments hold more than 17,000 surplus vehicles that cost the taxpayer $12.3 million each month in avoidable waste” says Derrick Bishop, Global Managing Director of Bishop Fleet Optimization (BFO). 

International Fleet World, September 2014

Permanent telematics installations do not always provide the information required and can carry a high cost. Are there alternatives? John Kendall talks to Derrick Bishop, Managing Director of Bishop Fleet Optimization.

21 March, 2011

Fleet Right-Sizing audits using a five week GPS based vehicle utilization audit is the new best pratice to optimize fleet size and operations.  BFO estimates that Australian Government fleets could save up to AU$660M by removingout surplus and under-utilized vehicles. The savings would allow governments to focus on modernizing or ‘greening’ their fleet to improve safety and reduce emissions.

Fleet Management Weekly, 4 September 2012

Learn more about vehicle fleet right-sizing through this Fleet Management Weekly interview with Grace Appleton from Bishop Fleet Optimization.

December 2011

Bishop Fleet Optimization, a world leader in fleet utilisation and audit services, has offices in Australia, New Zealand and the United States and will be launching into the UK market in 2015. Government News spoke to Derrick Bishop, BFO founder and managing director, about the key trends in fleet management.

Otago Daily Times, 22 Mar 2010

Vehicle use by Otago District Health Board staff is being monitored to assess its efficiency, a move which could lead to annual savings of about $100,000.

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