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Who We Are


Bishop Fleet Optimization [BFO] is a consulting firm that leads the world in Fleet Vehicle Utilization Studies.  Government and private company CEOs use BFO to independently verify fleet size and improve operations performance. 


Our unique consulting/data collection capability enables organizations to:


  • Collect quality fleet utilization data snapshots without the need to purchase expensive GPS equipment.  GPS device use is free.

  • Identify and remove surplus/underutilized vehicles with no loss of service delivery.

  • Model proposed business changes with certainty.

  • Optimize trip planning, routes, and avoid service area overlaps to improve service delivery and reduce fleet costs.

  • Find opportunities to implement electric vehicles to “green” your fleet without EV range anxiety.

  • Turn your own existing GPS data into meaningful content that can be used to make strategic decisions.

  • Earn a typical $1 million for every $50,000 spent.

  • Drive future performance with a new operational understanding and custom benchmarks.


Purpose-built GPS Data Loggers Collect Actual Vehicle Utilization Data


BFO changed the fleet consulting industry with it's purpose-built GPS data logger specifically designed for short-term vehicle utilization data collection.  The re-usable GPS data logger is installed in each fleet vehicle for 5 weeks to determine the daily, weekly, and monthly vehicle use patterns that drive your organization.


BFO data loggers simply lock into the vehicle's 12V power socket for easy self-installation/removal to save costs.  No auto-electrician is required.  The short-term data snapshot helps organizations precisely find operations issues, quantify the impact, and prioritize them to fix.

Our History


Derrick Bishop founded BFO in 2000 in response to strong Executive and Fleet Manager demand for an independent, accurate fleet vehicle utilization consulting service.


A major gap existed between the client need for quality GPS-based consulting and what other consultants offered.  Managers understood that mileage analysis and vehicle allocation methodology (VAM) did not identify how vehicles were used.  Logbook and booking system data was 20%-40% inaccurate due to human factors so lacked credibility.  Permanent GPS tracking/telematics contracts was cost prohibitive and added no new information after the first month due to the repetitive nature of daily, weekly, and monthly work schedules.  


BFO took on the challenge to design and build a fit-for-purpose GPS data collection logger and supporting software system to analyze the utilization data.  The system needed to be easy to use and gather accurate data even in areas where most GPS tracking equipment fail (e.g. inside parking structures and areas with no cell phone coverage). 


BFO introduced its new fleet utilization study system in 2008.  The re-useable GPS unit with no contract business model means organizations earn a large positive ROI every time.  CEOs confirm that the decision to audit is a "no brainer" given the 1.2 month typical payback period.  Government departments/agencies and private sector organizations now rely on this BFO best practice to keep their fleets at optimal levels.

Brief Company Introduction Video
Our Clients


BFO has now optimized fleet numbers for clients in Australia, New Zealand and USA.  More than 95% of BFO clients reduce their fleet size by between 14%–37% [21% average] with no loss of service delivery capability.  New BFO clients typically earn a 20-to-1 or more return on investment.


View a client case study.

Accreditations - Past & Present


Australasian Fleet Managers Association (AfMA) Member and speaker at AfMA conferences on Fleet Optimisation.  Melbourne Health VIC - AU won the 2014 AfMA Fleet Manager of the Year Award based on BFO fleet reviews.


New Zealand Government Approved Supplier

Approved syndicated supplier for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Fleet Optimisation Services contract.


US National Association of Fleet Administrators [NAFA]  Member, conference guest speaker, and subject matter expert on GPS fleet reviews.


US General Services Adminstration

GSA Schedule Contract GS-33F-005AA.  Supplier to US Federal Government.

BFO Global Offices

Email [All Countries]:



Bishop Fleet Optimization Pty Ltd

3 Litchfield Lane, QLD 4209


Phone: +61 (420) 740437


New Zealand

Bishop Fleet Optimization Pty Ltd


Phone: +61 (420) 740437


North America

Bishop Fleet Optimization LLC


Phone: +61 (420) 740437


All Other Countries

​Phone: +61 (420) 740437  [English Speaking Only]

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