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Vehicle Utilization Study Report

How is the Report Compiled?


Each fleet vehicle has one GPS data logger installed so utilization data can be collected over the recommended 5-week study period. 


Data is downloaded into the BFO database when the GPS data loggers are returned.


BFO experts analyze the utilization data using the QueryBuilder analysis tool and generate initial recommendations.


Initial findings are presented to the client within 7-14 days after the last GPS data logger is returned.

Client QueryBuilder training occurs immediately after the onsite presentation.


QueryBuilder Outputs and Productivity Tools

Utilization Report Example


BFO fleet vehicle utilization reports are a powerful tool to assess vehicle use.  One BFO client had 210 vehicles but no more than 138 vehicles used at any one time. The organization was able to remove 72 [34%] vehicles from this site with no loss of service delivery capability. 


Our client generated cost savings of US$0.756M every subsequent year after this study initiative due to the elimination of surplus vehicle fixed costs like depreciation [50%] and finance charges [19%] that made up almost 70% of the cost of ownership. 


It is important to get vehicle cuts right as your project success, service delivery, and sometimes peoples lives depend on it.


Accurate 5-week GPS data is required to generate the graph for the analysis.  Mileage analysis is not appropriate as it does not provide vehicle destination data. Vehicle logbook data is also not a viable option due to data inaccuracies that often exceed 40%. 


A 5-week snapshot is all that is required so make sure you do not sign up for a 3-year minimum GPS contract.  Many make this costly mistake.  Bishop Fleet Optimization has the specialized temporary-install GPS units that are purpose-built for this work.  The data detail and accuracy mean you can now confidently draw the right conclusions and reap the savings successes without the need to purchase GPS equipment. 




Vehicle Utilization Report Example



BFO Fleet Utilization Study Report


You will receive two study findings reports:


1. Initial vehicle utilization study findings are presented within 7-14 days after the last BFO data logger is returned.  The presentation satisfies the need for early feedback and stops any misinformation circulating before BFO delivers the consulting report.


2. BFO delivers the comprehensive report approximately 2 weeks after the initial findings presentation. This report includes detailed vehicle utilization graphs and recommendations to optimize your fleet.  Opportunities to improve fleet use and other identified operational issues are reported.


Generate Your Own Reports


BFO QueryBuilder analysis tool enables you to generate graphs within seconds to verify the number of vehicles required at each site. Only basic web skills are required.  No need for database or spreadsheet expertise.  BFO provides all QueryBuilder training to get you started!



A comprehensive electronic report is delivered approximately 2 weeks after the initial findings presentation.


The report includes vehicle utilization commentary, tables, graphs and recommendations to optimize your fleet. Clients can use QueryBuilder to validate the findings and research other usage patterns.  Compelling QueryBuilder graphics play a key role when the project team sell fleet changes to managers and their staff.


How to generate your own graphic reports?


QueryBuilder is a productivity improvement tool that generates graphs and management information within seconds.  QueryBuilder makes it possible to perform your own custom analysis and make your own custom graphs.


Only basic web browser skills are required.  No database or spreadsheet experience is necessary to use the QueryBuilder tool. BFO QueryBuilder training takes 1-2 hours to become confident on how to use the tool.


QueryBuilder helps to decide on:


  • Optimal vehicle numbers for each site.

  • Surplus vehicle counts.

  • Vehicle procurement volumes by vehicle type for your next replacement cycle.

  • Savings that can be re-invested to ‘green’ your fleet and meet other sustainability goals.

  • Trip planning and route selection efficiency.


Use QueryBuilder to view vehicle use by time of day/week for each site and vehicle type.  Use the tool to view trip destinations and other utilization features to optimize use.


View a BFO Vehicle Utilization Report example.

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