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Vehicle Utilization Studies


BFO 5-week fleet vehicle utilization studies use accurate GPS data without the need to purchase or permanently install  the equipment.  Our studies enable you to make fleet optimization decisions with confidence.


BFO Fleet Consulting Services:

  • Eliminate surplus vehicle fixed costs.

  • Validate new vehicle requests.

  • Determine optimal fleet size before the next procurement cycle.

  • Generate funds to buy fuel efficient/GREEN vehicles.

  • We do the operational research for you with  our 5 week GPS data snapshot.

  • Justify cases for change with our expert consulting and actual vehicle utilization data.

Vehicle utilization study methodology selection is one of the most important decisions to make when selecting a fleet management consulting firm. 


Common mistakes when selecting a study methodology.


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The BFO study process takes the stress and work out of the data collection phase.


GPS installation takes less than one minute per vehicle and no auto-electrical skills are required. There are no equipment purchases or ongoing monthly costs.


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Reduce fleet costs by optimizing your fleet size and removing under-utilized and surplus vehicles.


How many vehicles do you really need?  Nobody knows without an accurate fleet utilisation study.  Consider a 5-week GPS-based study to do the job right.


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BFO uses its own industry expert consultants and software, QueryBuilder, an interactive web-based analysis tool to analyze fleet utilisation data. 


QueryBuilder is used to generate electronic fleet utilization reports to make informed fleet optimization decisions. 


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