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Bishop Fleet Optimization (BFO) is an Award winning specialist consulting firm that assists governments and companies to optimise vehicle fleet size, improve efficiency and determine your Electric Vehicle [EV] and Net Zero 2050 needs. 


Our company developed the Concurrent Vehicle Use methodology that industry recognises as best practice to optimise vehicle fleet size.  Government Procurement trust BFO thought leadership and independent subject matter expertise to improve services, do more with less, and validate new initiatives to avoid expensive mistakes.  Experience matters.


Our re-usable GPS devices are free to use on client fleet projects.  Why purchase expensive GPS devices with long term contracts when our snapshot approach will get the answers.  Our free GPS approach makes consulting affordable and adds certainty in an otherwise uncertain world.  It is why organisations have relied on our experts to deliver quality results since 1996.


Fleet data provides a unique portal into operational performance.  BFO can analyse your existing vehicle GPS data or collect GPS data for you so there is no need to purchase equipment.  Our company transforms that transaction level GPS data into actionable management science-based information for decision support, business cases, and strategic planning initiatives.


Our industry best practice 5-week GPS based vehicle utilisation studies help to remove surplus vehicles, reduce fleet costs, and improve service delivery.  Find and quantify policy non-compliance, multiple visit rework, productivity variances, excessive idling, take home activity, and determine optimal fleet size to save money.


Fleet optimization has many pitfalls like methodology selection.  Contact us first for free expert advice to remove the uncertainty and stress as you start to plan your project.  It is worth your time to make the call.


Take some time now to review our short videos on the right of this page and browse our website to learn more.


Derrick A. Bishop - Global Managing Director

Vehicle Utilisation Study Best Practice

Bishop Fleet Optimization changed Vehicle Utilisation Study best practice when it introduced 5-week GPS studies.  Use our expert consulting service to cut waste, improve service delivery, and make decisions with absolute certainty.

Free Telematics Device Use to Collect Data

No GPS Purchase Required

Company Introduction Video [3 Minutes]
Bishop Fleet Optimization on US Fox Business Network

Derrick Bishop, BFO Global Managing Director, appeared on The Competitive Edge with Joe Namath™. The TV segment explore how BFO has helped Government departments and organizations save millions of dollars through its innovative 5-week GPS-based fleet utilisation studies.

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